Sevega Adriano Artist Statment

I'm interested in the abstract fragmentation of the form .My intention is to capture my fantasies my visions , my dreams through which I want to communicate  the immediacy and purity of my emotions. My Paintings are like a primitive and archaic skin representing myself and the nature surrounds me .My intention is for them to transmit energy and be alive in an elegant and poetic context . In my works I use organic materials like raw canvas on wood stretchers and burlap over wood panels .Before applying the color with a spatula or a brush I perform the classic preparation with natural glue and gesso .To me the modernity and the challenge of abstract works has an obligation to keep strong connections to the past and the traditions .The foundations of my work is  to rich the appropriate  balance between modernity and tradition which are both inherent  in abstraction 

Press Release

Sevega Adriano colorful works in oil on canvas adopt abstract expressionistic principle to explore mark making as a form of evocative poetry .Through layers of fragmented gestures that recede and  emerge to be seen of varying intervals , Adriano paint with an emotional immediacy which is instantly engaging and appears always on the edge of carrying the viewer to another world  entirely. Elaborate swatches of color snake and spread across the frame in in spirals and serpentine figurations ,entering into the painterly realm of fantasies , imagistic illusion and dreams life. Using primarily  organic raw canvas  and burlap over wood  stretchers  or panels Adriano's classic surfaces , prepared with natural glue and gesso transmit the energetic potential of pure nature via the expressive realm of talismans and pure artistic vision .

Sevega Adriano was born in1960 in the region of Piedmont of northem  Italy .In addition to painting is a professional Art Restorer and Refinisher . He currently lives and works in Los Angeles